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Camping Ascending Deceive Shoulder Girdles



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Your shoulders deserve the support it needs when on the go!

When out in the wilderness, your muscle power is the sole source of your strength so better get your hands on these Camping Ascending Deceive Shoulder Girdles and give your muscles the support it needs to keep going!

Main Features:

Heavy duty - This Camping Ascending Deceive Shoulder Girdles is crafted with a hundred percent high quality polyester materials that are guaranteed to be very durable so it can last for a very long time.
Lightweight - Despite these girdles' durability, they still feature a fairly lightweight which makes it an ideal accessory that you can use comfortably when on the go.
Efficient - The girdles support your pectoral girdles. which are responsible for providing structural support to your shoulder region on the left and right side of your body. They also allow for a large range of motion, connecting muscles necessary for shoulder and arm movement.

Product Info:

  • Weight: 300g
  • Material: Polyester

Package Includes:
1* Camping Ascending Deceive Shoulder Girdles



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