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10pcs Glow Light Sticks



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See your way even in the dark and better be ready for any light emergencies with the help of our cool and convenient 10pcs Glow Light Sticks!

  • Convenient - Perfect to be used on the go, this Glow Light Sticks is very light and compact, it is traveler friendly specially when you are packing light as it is very lightweight.
  • Hook and loop - Features a very convenient hook that makes it very easy to hang onto any wire and the loop also comes in handy to thread it fixed on any line.
  • Non toxic - Unlike most glow sticks, this Glow Light Sticks is made of a hundred percent safe and toxic free materials and it is also non flammable making it extra safe to be around children.
  • Weather proof - Can be used and still perform efficiently even after being exposed on extreme weather conditions and it is also water proof.

Product Info:

  • Size: 1.5 x 15cm

Package Includes:

1* 10pcs Glow Light Sticks