Survival Gears Depot Orange 20 In 1 EDC Survival Grenade

20 In 1 EDC Survival Grenade



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Increase your chances of staying alive in the wild by making sure you’ve got the survival grenade. It contains all the essentials you’ll need to survive such as a wire-saw, snare, fire starter and many other tools to ensure you will survive any challenges.

Wrapped in approximately 9 feet of 500 lb paracord, this kit is equipped with:-

1.Fire starter and tinder which helps you to ignite quick fire to build fire and keep warm

2. Stainless steel eye knife for small cutting job like wood cutting , etc

3. Wire of about 2 meters long for snaring and binding

4. Fishing Hooks to catch your dinner

5. Aluminium foil for cooking, heat reflection or signaling for help

6. Needle for small repairs, and much much more...

  • Package Size: 15.0 * 8.0 * 8.0 ( cm )
  • Gross Weight/Package: 0.2 ( kg )

Shipping Time:  Please allow 2-3 weeks for the products to arrive due to high demands.


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