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31m Military Standard Survival Rope



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Be ready on the go and gear up efficiently, do it with this 31m Military Standard Survival Rope!

  • High quality - This paracord set is made of premium and industrial grade materials that is guaranteed to be very durable, making it trusty and a total must have for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Multifunctional - This 31m Military Standard Survival Rope does not only function as a conventional plain paracord, it is packed with more thinner strings that can be used in outdoor survival such as using it as a wick for fire starting and one can even use these individual strings for fishing and many more.
  • Comes in different variations - This 31m Military Standard Survival Rope comes in a variety of color selections one can choose from which are al made out of the same high quality materials packed with 10 multifunctional outdoor buddy strings on the core of the 31m Military Standard Survival Rope.

Main Features:

  • The high-quality 10-core Paracord is made according to the 550 military standards and has a diameter of 4 mm.
  • The rope body is very round and tight, with a fine surface texture, good abrasion resistance, and no fluff after frequent friction.
  • It is an essential product for outdoor enthusiasts.

Product Info:

  • Material: Polyester Core + Polyester Skin + 3 Functional Core
  • Specification: 550 military standard
  • Rope standard: 10 inner strands
  • Length: 31 meters / bundle
  • Diameter: 4mm

Package Includes:

1* 31m Military Standard  Survival Rope