Survival Gears Depot A 3D Deer Hunter Baseball Cap

3D Deer Hunter Baseball Cap



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Trouble choosing what to wear on your next outdoor adventure? No need to choose between stylish and useful when you can easily go for both with this 3D Deer Hunter Baseball Cap!

Main Features:

  • Statement design - This 3D Deer Hunter Baseball Cap comes in a range of deer-inspired artwork print design that is a total hoot for any outdoor enthusiasts, specially for hunters. Apart from that, the artwork is created using colors that are usually found in nature making it easily blend in the environment. You get a stylish hat and a camo hat in one!
  • Durable - This hat is made with a hundred percent premium polyester fabric. It is guaranteed to be of high-quality and to last for a very long time even with constant use.
  • Good fitting - Since this hat is made with breathable polyester fabric and designed with an adjustable back portion, it is guaranteed to give a snug fit. 


Product Info:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Feature: Sun protection

Package Includes:
1* 3D Deer Hunter Baseball Cap


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