Survival Gears Depot Bicycle Lock 0.6M Anti-theft Cycling Chain Lock

Anti-theft Cycling Chain Lock



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Secure your sweet ride when leaving it unattended and score this awesome Anti-theft Cycling Chain Lock today!

  • Durable and trusty - Each Anti-theft Cycling Chain Lock is made out of alloy steel chain that is saw-resistant and tough so there is no other means to dislodge the chain other than using the code.
  • Wear-resistant - For a more long-lasting service, this Anti-theft Cycling Chain Lock features a durable nylon cover that envelopes the whole chain. This nylon cover is resistant-free and provides an extra layer of protection to the main chain so you can be certain that this Anti-theft Cycling Chain Lock is a lock you can use for always.
  • Long body - Aside from this Anti-theft Cycling Chain Lock being extremely durable, it is also specially built to be long and slender so your can lock your bike using this chain lock in multiple ways, multiple lock methods making it a total must have.

Product Info:

  • Material: Alloy Steel & ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 0.9M (642g) / 1.2M (790g) / 1.45M (960g)

Package Includes:
1*  Anti-theft Cycling Chain Lock


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