Wiio White / 60cm Bathroom Water Stopper

Bathroom Water Stopper



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Contain your bathroom water where it belongs and get your hands on this cool Bathroom Water Stopper!

  • Versatile - This Bathroom Water Stopper can be bent to the arc you want, its long, flexible design creates all sorts of shapes that makes it versatile and fit for any space. You can even use it on sinks, on your kitchen and other spots other than your bathroom.
  • Great water retention - This Bathroom Water Stopper features a great shower barrier and retention system that keeps water inside the threshold, it is ideal for curb-less showers and other areas where water needs to be contained.
  • Easy to use - This product comes with self-adhesive portion at its bottom that is easy to install. This Bathroom Water Stopper is also micro-magnetic and the set comes with its own special glue you can use to install it making this Bathroom Water Stopper much more of a must have!

Product Info:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Width: 12mm / 0.47"
  • Height: 15mm / 0.59"

Size Info:

  • 60cm / 23.62"
  • 90cm / 35.43"
  • 120cm / 47.24"
  • 150cm / 59.05"
  • 200cm / 78.74"

Package Includes:

1 * Bathroom Water Stopper

How To Use:
1. Wipe off the water and dust on the ground.
2. Determining the position of the water retaining strip and mark it with a pen on the ground.
3. Remove the adhesive and install the water barrier in the marked position.
4. Seal the rubber strip at the position where the two ends of the water retaining strip are in contact with the wall.
5. Apply glue on both sides of the water stopper and apply evenly.

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