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Breathable Cycling Pro Shirt



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Why go for a plain and boring cycling get-up when you can incorporate your fun style while you ride with this Breathable Cycling Pro Shirt.

  • Unique design - This Breathable Cycling Pro Shirt comes in a range of unique and fun designs to choose from that just creates a bold fashion statement, it makes the riding be very eye-catching and noticeable on the road. Great for fashion purposes and for road safety all in one!
  • High quality fabric - Each Breathable Cycling Pro Shirt is crafted with a mix of stretchy fabric, spandex and polyester made to be a perfect mix to have a breathable and comfortable fabric that is snug to wear even all day long.
  • Quick-dry - This jersey features a moisture-wicking technology that allows the fabric to dry quickly and ward off moisture away from the wearer's skin, giving a dry and comfy fit even after a day's worth of cycling. It also has an ant-pilling feature so its texture remains smooth to touch.

Product Info:

  • Material: Polyester, Stretch, & Spandex
  • Zipper Length: Full Zipper
  • Fabric Type: JERSEY

Size Info:


Package Includes:
1* Breathable Cycling Pro Shirt 



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