Survival Gears Depot All-Purpose Covers 20lb Camping Propane Tank Cover

Camping Propane Tank Cover



Save $45.00

Keep everything on your campsite waterproof and a hundred percent safe and secure starting with your tank and get your hands on this cool Camping Propane Tank Cover today!

  • Waterproof - Made of a hundred percent weatherproof materials and durable fabric that is perfect for heavy duty use for a long service.
  • Has a UV Resistant feature - UV protected to prevent your cover from experiencing premature fading and damage from prolonged sun exposure.
  • Crack Resistant - Since this Camping Propane Tank Cover is made out of a hundred percent premium materials, it is crack resistant and can withstand extreme temperature exposure without fading, cracking and being damaged.
  • Mold prevention - The fabric this Camping Propane Tank Cover is made of is laced with with anti-fungal properties so it won't be able to harness a place where fungus can grow as this Camping Propane Tank Cover is used near from cooking materials near food.

    Product Info:

    • Material: Oxford Cloth
    • Capacity Size: 20lb / 30lb
    • 20lb Size: 73*45cm approx.
    • 30lb Size: 80*52*cm approx.

    Package Includes:
    1* Camping Propane Tank Cover