Survival Gears Depot Compass Teal Carabiner outdoor compass

Carabiner outdoor compass



Save $20.00

Never wander lost again and get your hands on this amazing Carabiner outdoor compass today!

  • High quality and premium - Each Carabiner outdoor compass is made out of a hundred percent quality materials that are guaranteed to be durable, it is premium made and will surely be trusty even with heavy-duty use.
  • Doubles as a carabiner - Because this Carabiner outdoor compass is made for on-the-go use, it can also be used on other things other than navigating as it is attached to a durable and tough carabiner that can be used on numerous emergency and non-emergency occasions!
  • Lightweight and handy - Perfect when you are packing light, this Carabiner outdoor compass is very lightweight despite its durability, it is a total must-have!
  • Variations - This Carabiner outdoor compass comes in a variety of color selection you can choose from so you can pick out the perfect one that suits you best!

Main Feature:

  • Rotatable dial
  • Lightweight design
  • Luminous System

Product Info:

  • Case Material: ABS
  • Dial Display: Pointer