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Carbon Spinning Fishing Rod



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Make your fishing game go strong and get your hands on this very durable Carbon Spinning Fishing Rod today!

  • High quality and durable - Made with premium and high quality materials like carbon fiber and fiber glass, this Carbon Spinning Fishing Rod is guaranteed to be durable ideal for heavy duty use making it a total must have!
  • Strong pull - Featuring a Lure Weight of 3g-21g and a Line Weight of 6-12LB, this Carbon Spinning Fishing Rod is much stronger than a standard fishing rod so make sure to have it on your next fishing adventure.
  • Comes in two variations - Our equally made of quality material rods comes in two variations you can get it on it is either a spinning rod or a casting rod (No hook or with hook respectively) So you can pick out the one you need best.

Product Info:

  • Size: 1.8m
  • Closed Length: 95cm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Material:  Carbon fiber, & Fiberglass
  • Lure Weight: 3g-21g
  • Line Weight: 6-12LB

Package Includes:
1* Carbon Spinning Fishing Rod

0.03456LidaFish-2-tip-1-8M-spinning-fishing-rod-6-20g-lure-weight-Portable-Fishing-Rod-LineLidaFish-2-tip-1-8M-spinning-fishing-rod-6-20g-lure-weight-Portable-Fishing-Rod-Line (2)LidaFish-2-tip-1-8M-spinning-fishing-rod-6-20g-lure-weight-Portable-Fishing-Rod-Line (3)LidaFish-2-tip-1-8M-spinning-fishing-rod-6-20g-lure-weight-Portable-Fishing-Rod-Line (4)LidaFish-2-tip-1-8M-spinning-fishing-rod-6-20g-lure-weight-Portable-Fishing-Rod-Line (5)