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Fishing Bite Alarm



Save $45.00

Make your fishing adventure have an up and give yourself this needed upgrade for your next escapade with this Fishing Bite Alarm.

  • Battery operated - Although not included, this Fishing Bite Alarm is battery operated making it easier to be brought along without needing to recharge every now and then.
  • Standard size - Featuring a universal standard size, this Fishing Bite Alarm features a design that fits all standard size rods.
  • Signals - It indicates to the user if this Fishing Bite Alarm is low on battery.
  • Durable and high quality - Made specially for heavy duty use, this Fishing Bite Alarm is made out of a hundred percent premium materials and is also waterproof for added durability making this Fishing Bite Alarm last long and provide a long quality service.
  • Ideal for heavy duty use - This Fishing Bite Alarm is very much capable of heavy duty use as it features durable aluminum sidebar for added strength.

Product Info:

  • Aluminium black snag bar.
  • Waterproof rubber seal.
  • Blue LED light Band and Sound Alarming.
  • On/off button, Adjustable sensitivity, Volume, Tone.
  • Drop and back with different sound.
  • 2.5mm jack for illuminated swinger.
  • Standard 3/8 thread fit all rod pods, buzz bar.
  • Require 1pcs 9V section battery.(not include)
  • Low battery warning.
  • Length: 245mm

Package Includes:
1* Fishing Bite Alarm