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Handmade Multi Tool Tactical Wallet



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Not seen in stores. Exclusively brought to you in collaboration with Grim Survival

This handmade minimalist wallet made of stainless steel was designed not just to hold your survival tools but to be a survival tool in itself.

We took the wasted space of the outer walls of the wallet and filled it with survival tools. The best part is, all of our tools are reusable with our patent pending tool retention system and all of the tools in your wallet can be put right back into their original position and reused.

Expandable bands make the wallet flexible enough to hold just about any number of credit cards, cash or other Grim survival tools!

Stainless Steel construction. MADE IN THE USA!

This tool includes:-

3x Arrow heads
2x Gigs
Lockpick set
8x Assorted fishing hooks
3x lures
Screwdriver bit turner

Grab this unique and exclusive survival/edc wallet here !

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