Survival Gears Depot Carbon Holster Hardbox Tan EDC tactical Leather/Kydex Hybrid Belt Pouch.

Hardbox Tan EDC tactical Leather/Kydex Hybrid Belt Pouch.



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Made from genuine leather and Kydex.

Our newest product, the Hardbox EDC belt pouch is the hybrid creation joining the two materials that are widely used in EDC and tactical field - leather and Kydex. The leather is attached to the Kydex support parts without using any stitching, an elegant and modern method to produce a reliable, strong yet stylish product

Our leather pouch comes in one size, approximately is 65x53x17 millimeters internal dimensions and is best used to store first aid meds, coins and other small but important things for unobtrusive every day carry. 

The belt clip is made from spring steel and has an additional stopper to make sure that the pouch will securely stay on the belt. 

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