Survival Gears Depot Wetsuit Light Gray Hooded Snorkeling Diving Cap

Hooded Snorkeling Diving Cap



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Unleash your best underwater performance by gearing up and make this Wetsuit Hood your new underwater best friend! By wearing a hood, you can easily keep your head secured and insulated against any shocks you may face from the cold and the current. 


  • Comfortable dive - These  Wetsuit Hoods are made to give a more comfortable underwater experience, it is designed to wrap your neck and head while leaving your face uncovered so you can put on your snorkel and dive mask easily.

  • High quality fabric - Each  Wetsuit Hood is made with a hundred percent high quality materials such as Neoprene. Neoprene is a great underwater fabric material and is widely used for wetsuits as it works as well as scuba knit and it has quite a durable quality.

  • Versatile design - These Wetsuit hoods can be used on more adventures other than just diving underwater. You can rock it even while surfing and other fun activities at the beach!

Product Info:

  • Material: Nylon & Neoprene

Package Includes:

1* Hooded Snorkeling  Diving Cap