WolFAce Store Helmets Black Hunting Half Seal Mask

Hunting Half Seal Mask



Save $50.00

Go for optimum protection and gear up for your next outdoor adventure and rock with  this Hunting Half Seal Mask today!

  • Sophisticated design - Made with a hundred percent premium materials that is guaranteed to be durable and is designed to perform well even with heavy duty use, this Hunting Half Seal Mask is guaranteed to give optimum protection.
  • Classic and efficient lock - Featuring a Snap and lock closure type for a more convenient and easy wear.
  • Comes in classic colors - Specially formulated colors that is perfect for stealth mode as it blends in easily with your surroundings.
  • Versatile design - Can easily be mounted with your favorite outdoor accessory that you might need on your adventure.
  • Functional - Features a very unique folding half cover mask you can easily adjust depending on your level of comfort and features a split type ant-fogging googles making this Hunting Half Seal Mask a total must have!

Product Info:

  • Material: FRP

Package Includes:

1* Hunting Half Seal Mask