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Professional Hand Fins Paddle



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Unleash your inner merman and swim as fast as possibly can with the help of these awesome Professional Swimming Paddles!


  • Durable and high quality - Each Professional Swimming Paddle is made out of premium silicon materials that are guaranteed to be very durable. It is designed to have superb quality for a long-lasting use.

  • Beginner friendly - These Professional Swimming Paddles are a perfect device for beginners to gear up with. Since it significantly improves swimming performance.

  • Safe to use - The Professional Swimming Paddles are made with ABS plastic materials and silicon both are BPA free and safe to use even by children.

  • Adjustable and snug fit - Since these paddles feature quite stretchable silicon straps, it hugs the hands perfectly, giving a secure fit that is comfortable all in one. Perfect aid to improve swimming performance that can be used by children and adults alike!

Product Info:

  • Material: environmental protection ABS & TPU silicon tape
  • Size: 14.8 x 10.8cm / 5.82 x 4.25"
  • Commodity weight: 110g (gross weight)

Package Includes:
1* Professional Hand Fins Paddle