Survival Gears Depot Knives A / 300 x 300 x 1.5mm Snake Skin Knife Material Making

Snake Skin Knife Material Making



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Store your precious blades the sophisticated way and get your hands on our cool Snake Skin Knife Material Making today!

  • Complete kit - This Snake Skin Knife Material Making comes with all the materials you'll need for a special custom-made knife sack or bag that will effectively protect your knife blades keeping it from rusting and out of reach for safety purposes.
  • Comes in a range of pattern variations - We know how important aesthetics is sometimes and this Snake Skin Knife Material Making has your back with that as it comes in a range of color and snake pattern variations to choose from so you can pick out the perfect one that suits your style the best!
  • Durable and high quality - Made with a hundred percent premium materials, the Kydex made Snake Skin Knife Material Making is guaranteed to be very durable and trusty in keeping your blades.

Product Info:

  • Material :Kydex
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Package Includes:

1*  Snake Skin Knife Material Making