Survival Gears Depot High Quality Wolf Beads 100% Handmade Bronze Wolf Paracord Bead

100% Handmade Bronze Wolf Paracord Bead



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Not seen in stores .

This is not your traditional paracord bead that you used to see !

This is an innovative product with the ideation, sketching , modeling, casting, machining and polishing all 100% done painstakingly by hand.

The bead is made from noble bronze , which means that it looks great and will be long lasting for your use

In addition, on the back of the bead is a big and heavy molle clip which can be used to quickly and conveniently attach to any tape/REP ribbon measuring 25mm in width.This is the most popular tape used in the manufacture of most tactical backpacks, EDS handbags and urban backpacks. 

You can also clip the bead onto your survival paracord bracelet or key chain and turn them into a statement of great taste and fashion.

The approx dimensions of the bead -

Height 33mm, width 24mm, depth 21mm. Weight approx 26 grams.


Shipping Time:  Please allow 2-3 weeks for the products to arrive due to high demands.


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