EDC Portable & Rechargeable Mini Torch


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EDC Portable & Rechargeable Mini Torch


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Product description

• Rechargeable EDC Keychain:

The Asafee Tiki keychain flashlight is rechargeable, making it a convenient EDC keychain for daily use. It's portable and compact, perfect for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity.

• Digital Display:

This mini torch features a digital display, allowing you to easily keep track of the battery level and remaining run time. This feature enhances the user experience by providing real-time information.

• Work Light Clip:

Equipped with a work light clip, this flashlight can be used as a hands-free working light, freeing your hands for other tasks. This feature makes it ideal for various outdoor activities.

• Portable Mini Torch:

As a portable mini torch, it's easy to carry around and store. Its compact size makes it an essential tool for any camping or outdoor adventure.

• Camping Lantern:

This flashlight doubles as a camping lantern, providing bright light in dark environments. It's a must-have tool for campers and nature lovers.

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