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Wiio GPS Dual System Speedometer Car Gauge Wiio GPS Dual System Speedometer Car Gauge
GPS Dual System Speedometer Car Gauge $74.95 $149.95
The Survival Gears GPS Dual System Speedometer Car Gauge is the perfect tool for any adventurer. This product provides a variety of features that are essential for smooth travelling on the road. The GPS system ensures that you will never lose your way, while the dual system provides a backup in case of any emergencies. The speedometer ensures that you always know how fast you are going, while the car gauge allows you to keep track of your fuel level and other vital statistics. The interface is easy to use and the features are unlimited, making this the perfect product for anyone who wants to make their travels more efficient and hassle-free. OBD mode functions: Vehicle speed Speed Clock Water temperature Voltage Fuel consumption Single mileage Driving time Oil temperature Turbo pressure Engine load Number of satellites Altitude Azimuth Latitude and longitude Acceleration test Brake test Alarm: Overspeed alarm Water temperature Alarm: Voltage alarm, Fatigue driving reminder, Vehicle failure alarm GPS mode functions: Vehicle speed Clock, Voltage, Single driving distance, Driving time, Number of satellites, Altitude, Azimuth, Latitude and longitude Alarm: Overspeed alarm Voltage alarm Fatigue driving reminder   Product Info: Material: ABS Wire or Wireless: Wired Rated Power: 12v Output Frequency: 12V Package Includes: 1 * GPS Dual System Speedometer Car Gauge Shipping Time:  Please allow 3-4 weeks for the products to arrive due to high demands. ( or slightly longer if there are unseen delays like a pandemic) Our Guarantee:  At Survival Gears Depot, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Kindly follow the instructions in our Shipping FAQ page and we will issue a refund if there is any delivery problems , no questions asked .
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Car Profession Accessories Store GPS Trackers Mini GPS Navigator Car Profession Accessories Store GPS Trackers Green Mini GPS Navigator
Mini GPS Navigator $54.99 $99.99
When on the go and out on the wilderness, location awareness is a must! Have that with this Mini GPS Navigator! Easy to use - With basic and yet high technology interface anyone of any age can easily learn how to navigate and handle this Mini GPS Navigator. Light and compact - Since this Mini GPS Navigator is specially made for on the go use, this Mini GPS Navigator is made out of durable yet light materials so one can carry it along without a hunch! Perfect for any outdoor wilderness adventure! One can easily carry it out or simply hang it by on any bag strap. High quality and durable - This Mini GPS Navigator is made out of a hundred percent quality materials, this is why it is very durable, with premium materials comes with premium finish product. This Mini GPS Navigator is incredibly durable and can provide a long service even with heavy duty use. Get yours now! Main Features: 100% Brand new and high quality. Mini shape, just like a watch. Provide the direction and distance to the destination. Destination point can be set, maximum 16 points. Record the distance you traveled, and the time you spent. Provide current position: longitude, latitude, and altitude information. Speed measurement. Display accurate time synchronized by satellite. With an extremely long waiting time. With a back-lit display. Ideal for Drift/Camping/Hiking/Climbing. Working for 8 hours maximum. Product Info: Refresh rate: 1 Material: ABS Storage capacity: 512KB Memory:4MB (user memory 300 kbye) Accuracy of positioning: 5-15m Battery: Built-in lithium-ion battery Working Time: about 10 hours Screen size: 1.4inch Dimensions: 65*53*21mm Package Includes: 1* Mini GPS Navigator
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7 in 1 Personal Quad-Band GSM Locator device2 7 in 1 Personal Quad-Band GSM Locator device0
Quad-Band GSM 7-in-1 Personal GPS Tracker - Compact Locator for Security $59.99 $119.99
Discover the ultimate outdoor companion with the 7 in 1 Personal Quad-Band GSM Locator, a versatile GPS tracker designed for adventurers. Lightweight and compact, it offers real-time tracking, a power bank, and an LED flashlight, all encased in durable, high-quality materials. With geo-fence alerts and an SOS feature, stay safe and connected in any environment. When on the go, go for multifunctional and get your hands on this 7 in 1 Personal Quad-Band GSM Locator today! Multifunctional - Pack light and bring two in one, have t with this 7 in 1 Personal Quad-Band GSM Locator It is a GPS tracker, a must have when on an outdoor adventure, a power bank for emergency power source and a flashlight compacted all in one! Compact and light weight - Despite the 7 in 1 Personal Quad-Band GSM Locator packing multiple functions in one. It is specially designed to be lightweight and compact. Making it easy to bring on the go, bring along by hand and bring along even when packing light! Durable and high quality - Each 7 in 1 Personal Quad-Band GSM Locator is crafted and designed with sophistication and utmost care, this is why it is made out of premium materials guaranteed to make it durable. Having an optimum quality, this 7 in 1 Personal Quad-Band GSM Locator can provide a quality service even with heavy duty use. Main Features: Use the product as a power bank: Please charge the power bank or use the power bank to charge the other electronic products as the illustration. Real-time tracking: show the last position and trace. Historical route: display the historical, Mobile APP can playback 1-day historical route and the web server can playback 3 months historical route. Geo-fence: set and display geo-fence area, when the device gets into or gets out of the geo-fence then it will send an alert SMS to APP. Alarm setting: get the remind via APP when alarm Locate interval: set the location data upload density, shorter standby time according to shorter interval, the minimum upload interval is 30s. SOS1 phone number: button 1 phone number, also the master phone number, used to send command and receive alarm. White list number: the other SOS numbers which also are allowed for remote listening. Arm/Disarm: open or close related sensor alarm function.Smart door has three sensors ,can work at the same time. Product Info: Item Size: 12.2 x 5.1 x 2.5cm Special Feature: Internet Connected GPS type: GPS Tracker Model Name: RF-V20 Out Power: 5V Screen Size: Under 2 Inches Voltage: 12V Battery Life: 30 Hours & Up Battery: 4500mAh Battery Special Feature: Power Bank With Flashlight: LED Flashlight Standby Time: Around 80 Days GPS Positioning Accuracy: 10 - 15m Network: GSM/GPRS GPRS Standard: Class 12, TCP/ IP Used By: Personal Tracking Software: Web App Free Tracking Package Includes: 1* 7 in 1 Personal Quad-Band GSM Locator


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