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4 Lens Tactical Polarized Glasses for outdoor activities0 4 Lens Tactical Polarized Glasses for outdoor activities4
Polarized Tactical Glasses with 4 Interchangeable Lenses for Hiking $39.95 $69.95
Elevate your outdoor experience with the 4 Lens Tactical Polarized Glasses, designed for the avid hiker. Crafted from premium materials for durability, these glasses offer UV protection and a versatile style. The black lens is polarized, ensuring clear vision in bright conditions. Ideal for climbing and travel, the set includes a fabric bag, strap, and hard case for safekeeping. Get all geared up and ready for your next awesome outdoor adventure and get your hands on this cool 4 Lens Tactical Polarized Glasses! Main Features: Quality made - This 4 Lens Tactical Polarized Glasses is guaranteed to be very durable as it is made out of a hundred percent quality materials. Versatile and fashionable - This pair of glasses will not only be great for your conventional outdoor protection it will also be a great look for easily and casual and sporty look! Protects your eyes - Over exposure from the sun can easily make us vulnerable into sulking in the harmful UV rays it brings so it is an absolute necessity to keep the most vulnerable parts of your body be protected. Comes in different variations - These choices are for you to be able to choose the perfect pair of glasses that perfectly captures your preference and unique taste! Comes with a protective case and other accessories - This is so the 4 Lens Tactical Polarized Glasses will be stored and cared for properly so it can be in pristine condition for a long time  Product Info: Feature: UV Protection Sports & Outdoors items: Climbing gliding travel Note: Polarized glasses only black lens Polarized Package Includes: 1*  Fabric Bag 1* Strap 1* Hard Case   Shipping Time:  Please allow 3-4 weeks for the products to arrive due to high demands. ( or slightly longer if there are unseen delays like a pandemic)   Our Guarantee:  At Survival Gears Depot, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Kindly follow the instructions in our Shipping FAQ page and we will issue a refund if there is any delivery problems , no questions asked .  


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