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Survival Gears Depot Other BBQ Tools Outdoor Safety BBQ Starter Survival Gears Depot Other BBQ Tools Red / US plug-110V (1500W) Outdoor Safety BBQ Starter
Outdoor Safety BBQ Starter $89.95 $159.99
Make your usual barbeque parties easier with the help of our Outdoor Safety BBQ Starter! Convenient and easy to use - This Outdoor Safety BBQ Starter will easily allow you to start a flame sufficient enough for barbequing. Quality made - Made with a hundred percent quality materials for optimum durability and long-lasting. Versatile fuel choices - You can use any of the three solid charcoal to keep the flame burning (Wood, coal, briquettes) Safe and easy to use -This Outdoor Safety BBQ Starter features an electric hot steam technology, it is guaranteed to be safe and creates less possibility of hazards compared to other flame starting products. Compact design - This Outdoor Safety BBQ Starter is specially made for on the go use, this is why it is specially designed to be lightweight and compact. Comes in different variations - From a range of colors to different plug types to cater to your needs. Main Features: There are three types of plugs for our Electic Charcoal starters for you to firewoods, charcoal, briquettes. The Electric Lighter is functioned by the safe hot air steam technology, inventing a flameless, eco-friendly way to start a grill with just superheated air. The Outdoor Safety BBQ Starter lighter easily ignites briquettes, hardwood, charcoal, wood, and kindling for BBQs, grills, smokers, wood-burning fireplaces, and fire pits. Product Info: Voltage: 230V Voltage Frequency: 50Hz Frequency Power: 2000W Certification: CE Package Includes: 1* Outdoor Safety BBQ Starter Shipping Time:  Please allow 3-4 weeks for the products to arrive due to high demands. ( or slightly longer if there are unseen delays like a pandemic) Our Guarantee:  At Survival Gears Depot, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Kindly follow the instructions in our Shipping FAQ page and we will issue a refund if there is any delivery problems , no questions asked.


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