Ham Radio Prep: The Best Way To Get Licence - A Detailed Review

Gone are the days when passing the FCC exam was very difficult and required hours of study. Nowadays, you can pass the FCC exam and get your Ham Radio License by reading 10 lessons.

Ham Radio Prep is one of the most groundbreaking study platforms that prepares you to pass the FCC exam in the fastest and easiest manner while having fun. 

Are you also worried about passing the FCC exam? Then lay off all of your stress and get started with Ham Radio Prep. 

Let's discuss this platform in detail-

What Is Ham Radio Prep? 

Ham Radio Prep is one of the most innovative study tools to pass the Federal Communications Commission exam. Gone are the days when you had to buy and then read complex books multiple times to pass the FCC exam.

The tool employs neuroscience to enable you to pass the exam on the first attempt. They promise that with this tool they will make everything fast and easy for you and you will get your license in only 10 lessons.

The quality of its courses is evident from the fact that the tool claims to return all of your money back if you fail to pass the exam on your first attempt. Have you heard about such a tool before that claims to make you pass the exam on your first attempt? I am sure not.

To learn more about this tool, keep reading.

Who Is It For?

Any one of you who is interested in using Ham Radio and wants to acquire an FCC license can use this tool.

However, before using this tool, you must ensure that you have not been involved in any criminal activities and do not possess any criminal record. Since the FCC does not give licenses to criminals.

How Does Ham Radio Prep Work?

The aim of Ham Radio Prep is to enable you to learn the art of amateur radio and keep its history alive and thriving. This platform is perfect for those who are interested in building a bright future in Ham Radio.

The platform works in three simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to the plan that suits you
  2. Follow the 10 lessons offered within every module
  3. Schedule your FCC exam either online or in person
  4. Acquire your US FCC Amateur Radio License

If you are interested in using Ham Radio, then do not waste your time and get registered with this platform instantly.

Why Ham Radio Prep Is Worth Considering - Best Features

You must be wondering why you should consider Ham Radio Prep to prepare for the FCC exam. Then there are some of its startling features which make it a perfect choice for you.

Fast & Easy

The platform allows you to eradicate all filler information and simplifies the whole process. With its high-quality lessons and videos, preparing and passing the FCC exam is no longer a difficult task. You can learn all the necessary concepts in the fastest and easiest way.

100% Guarantee

It offers you a 100% money-back guarantee and promises to return all of your money back if you fail to pass the exam on your first attempt.

Effective & Proven

The study tool is both effective and proven by thousands of students as more than 75,000 students registering with this platform have successfully received their licenses on their first attempt.

Designed for Beginners

All of the courses are designed in a way that they are perfect for all types of learners. Whether you possess experience or you are new to this field, Ham Radio Prep is here to help you and you do not have to worry about anything else.

Free Practice Tests

Every course consists of free practice tests. All practice tests are designed keeping in view the guidelines formulated by FCC and NCVEC. These tests allow you to access your skills and competencies.

To use these practice tests, you do not have to sign up anywhere. Moreover, all practice tests include section score reports and unlimited retakes.

Free Guides

Ham Radio Prep also offers different guides and resources that are meant to facilitate you in your amateur radio journey.

These resources give you comprehensive guidance on why you need a Radio Ham License, how to get a Radio Ham License, whether can you take the license online, and so on.


The tool offers you the most convenient way to get all your preparation for passing the FCC exam. You neither have to go anywhere nor have to buy or read extensive books.

With the help of its comprehensive courses, the interactive teaching style of tutors, and practice tests enable you to pass your FCC exam and get a license in a hassle-free manner.

Dedicated Customer Support

The platform also promises to provide you with dedicated customer support. The customer support unit promises to answer all queries of students in one to two business days.

No matter when and from where you are contacting, all of your queries and issues will be addressed adequately.

Interactive Learning Style

The platform engages all students effectively by integrating various learning styles i.e., audio, video, text, and practice exercises. This is the reason that the system built by this platform is so effective that you can pass the exam no matter whether you are 10 years old or 90 years old.

Why It Is Necessary To Get a Ham Radio License - Benefits of a Ham Radio License

Before you register with this platform, you must know why it is necessary to get a Ham Radio License. Here you go

  • Stay connected with your friends and family
  • Communicate across the globe without a cell phone or internet
  • Set a Ham Radio on your car or truck
  • Allow you to do off-grid communication
  • Build your radios and communicate with satellites
  • Communicate with emergency response teams
  • Join local clubs

 How Much It Costs - Pricing Plans

The platform offers you three pricing plans and you can select the one that suits best your needs. In the case of all plans, you have to pay the fee for one time only and get lifetime access to the courses. Moreover, the tool also invites all new learners to test the services for free with its five minutes free lesson.

Are you interested in subscribing to any of its plans? Let's discuss them in detail.

This plan is perfect for those who only need access to technician license courses. You have to pay only $35 to subscribe to this plan.

Once you subscribe, you will get access to 10 lessons, learning games, and videos. Moreover, the plan allows you to study on any device and access your learned skills via unlimited practice exams. 



Level 2

This plan is best suitable for those who want to have access to both technician and general license courses. To subscribe to this plan, you have to pay $49. Moreover, on enrolling now, you can save 30% as the original price of this plan is $70.

By subscribing to this plan, you will get all features offered in the level 1 plan and lifetime access to both courses.

Level 3

This plan is perfect for those who want access to all courses and need VIP student support. Currently, the platform is offering a special spring sale on this course, and on enrolling now you can save 60% as you have to pay only $79 instead of $199.

In this plan, you will get access to all three courses i.e., technician license course, general license course, and Amateur Extra license course. And above all, you will get VIP student support which helps you to improve your learning significantly.

There is also a free bonus in which you can learn how to use your radio with the Baofeng Basic Course. However, this offer is only available for a limited time.


What People Think About It - Customer Reviews

All of the users using this platform are completely satisfied with its performance. This is the reason a large number of reviewers have posted positive reviews on the official website of Ham Radio Prep.

The reviewers have highlighted that the course material is designed coherently and easily understandable. This is the reason no matter whether you are busy in your business or are a full-time student, you can pass the FCC exam on your first attempt.

Therefore, all users have recommended it to others as it is a reliable and worth consideration platform for all Ham Radio enthusiasts. 

Is It Legit - Pros & Cons

Pros - What do I Like The Most?

  • Taught by Ham Radio experts
  • Enables you to pass the FCC exam on your first attempt
  • Free practice tests are offered in all courses
  • Follows an interactive learning style
  • Promises to return your money straight away if you fail the exam even on the first attempt
  • Offers comprehensive and easily understandable course material
  • Course content is relevant to the FCC exam
  • Provides you with all information and knowledge that is required to pass the exam
  • Defines all prerequisites of the FCC exam very well
  • Students are supported in an incredible manner
  • Gives lifetime access to courses
  • There is no hidden fee

Cons - What I Don’t Like

  • They do not offer any extra class course
  • The videos of the courses are too short

Final Words

To conclude, Ham Radio Prep is one of the most reliable and trustworthy platforms to learn all the necessary concepts and knowledge that will help you to pass the FCC exam.

With this platform, you can prepare for your exam with increased confidence as you are supported by the Ham Radio Prep guarantee. Since the study tool promises you that you will pass the exam on your first attempt, otherwise it guarantees to return your money back.

Therefore, this study tool offers you the best opportunity to pass the FCC exam without spending hours reading extensive books and wondering whether you will pass or not.

Meta Description: Ham Radio Prep is one of the best study tools to pass the FCC exam and start using Ham Radio.



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