Survival Gears Depot 4 Holes ** FREE **Grenade Buckle Stopper For Shoe Laces/ Paracord Lock

Grenade Buckle Stopper For Shoe Laces/ Paracord Lock



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You are wearing shoes for your outdoor activities and would like to secure them ?

How about your clothing and back pack?

Now you can , with the grenade buckle stopper/paracord lock

2 type :  4 holes or  grenade

4 holes dimension : 0.9*0.5" (1.7 grams)

Grenade dimension: 1.33*0.92" (3.5 grams)

Package -comes with 8 buckle stoppers per order

Shipping Time:  Please allow 2-3 weeks for the products to arrive due to high demands.


Our Guarantee:  At Survival Gears Depot, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Kindly follow the instructions in our Shipping FAQ page and we will issue a refund if there is any delivery problems , no questions asked .


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