Handheld Outdoor Location Tracker

$129.95 $299.95 -57% OFF

Handheld Outdoor Location Tracker

$129.95 $299.95 -57% OFF
Product description

When into the wilderness, location awareness is an absolute must! Get your hands on this cool Handheld Outdoor Location Tracker today and never wander lost on an outdoor adventure again!

  • Compact and handheld - For hands on outdoor enthusiasts. This Handheld Outdoor Location Tracker is made out of durable yet lightweight materials, making it very compact and easy to carry, will not strain your hand for carrying it around all day long. Has a size for a perfect grip on top of its lightweight and durable build.
  • Easy to navigate - With minimal yet functional control buttons one can navigate from, this Handheld Outdoor Location Tracker can be used by any one of any age with basic instructions!
  • Durable and high quality - Made with a hundred percent quality materials this Handheld Outdoor Location Tracker is guaranteed to be premium and is very durable. Can provide a long quality service even with heavy duty use. A must have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Main Features:

  • Agriculture: Acre measurement, length measurement
  • Forestry: Area calculation, park and garden planning
  • Geology: Regional water quality survey
  • Communication: Network planning, base station location
  • Fishing: Save the coordinate of fishing point
  • Shop inspection, inflection point coordinates, track recording

Product Info:

  • Satellite system: GPS + beidou
  • Positioning accuracy: 1m
  • Positioning time: 45s
  • Rated voltage: 110VAC
  • Display: 2.4 inches color LCD
  • Coordinate point storage: 1000 records
  • Data export format: TXT / CSV / GPX / CAD / BMP
  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Charging method: USB charging
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
  • size: 15 x 5.5 x 2.5cm
  • Material: ABS+ electronic components

Package Includes:

1* Handheld Outdoor Location Tracker


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