Jeebel Camp Gas Lantern Outdoor Lamp

$59.95 $119.95 -51% OFF


Jeebel Camp Gas Lantern Outdoor Lamp

$59.95 $119.95 -51% OFF


Product description

Do you want to get your hand on a long lasting and beautiful gas lantern lamp for your outdoor activities? Here's one you must have now !


Size:12.6 x 6 x 5.2 cm


Material: Aluminum alloy, brass, rubber, glass, stainless steel

Energy consumption: 4g/h in min flame


1 x gas lantern,1 x carry box

(For B-1 to B-10 variant only the glass cover is on sale , the gas lantern is not included.)

Energy Saving

4g/h in min flame for long and extended usage

How to use :

Ignite with a lighter from the bottom of the main unit. This can be done smoothly due to the chimney effect of the unique design.

Safe design

The swirling side of the lamp can be set to ON/OFF to ensure that the flame does not cause any harm to you or damage any other objects beside the light when ignited.

The fire can be easily adjustable with the the rotating light mechanism.

With a variety of accessories glass lamp, you can now meet all your varied needs.

So many replace glssses available

You can order all from me .Buy more will get discount.


1.Storage case included?

Now we will ship it with carry box to you.

2.My flame is to less and could not adujustable,how to solve the problem?

Please follow the below video to fix it .








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