Survival Gears Depot Compass Elite Version Light Weight Luminous Wrist Band Compass

Light Weight Luminous Wrist Band Compass



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Never wander lost and start leading the way, rock this Light Weight Luminous Wrist Band Compass on your next outdoor adventure and make your trip go from nay to yay!

  • Lightweight - This wrist sighting compass is made of durable and high quality materials that is ideal for heavy duty use yet it is extremely lightweight making it very easy and effortless to wear, it's like it is not even there!
  • Luminous - The face of this wrist wrist sighting compass glows in the dark making it all the more of a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. It gains its luminosity through any light source and retains its power as it glows in the dark so you can use it to navigate your way even without an extra light.
  • Adjustable strap - This wrist wrist sighting compass is designed with a lightweight and thin adjustable canvas strap that comes in different color variations to choose from so you can rock it comfortably.

Product Info:

  • Case Material: ab
  • Size: capsule dia. 39mm / 1.53
  • Working temperature range: -20 to 65 degree

Package Includes:

1 * Light Weight Luminous Wrist Band Compass

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