Survival Gears Depot Compass Military Grade Compass

Military Grade Compass



Save $50.00

Go for precision and go for this Military Grade Compass today! Making any outdoor adventure go from nay to yay!

  • Quality and premium - Made with a hundred percent high-quality materials, this Military Grade Compass is guaranteed to be very durable, making it trusty and handy on emergencies and heavy-duty use.
  • Military-grade quality - This Military Grade Compass is designed with sophistication and precision making it the best compass to go for.
  • Waterproof - Since compasses are on-the-go-use items, this Military Grade Compass is specially made to be waterproof so it can remain functional even after a wee bit of shaky situations. 
  • Can operate even on extreme weathers - Tested and proven to still be operational even on less than zero degrees, this Military Grade Compass is the best one to go for for a trusty and long-lasting Military Grade Compass. Grab yours now and don't miss out!

Main Features:

  • Aluminum housing
  • Durability
  • Accurate

Product Info:

  • Case Material: Aluminum
  • Dial Display: Pointer
  • Size: 3.9*2.6*1.3in