Mini Multi-functional Military Survival Folding Shovel

$45.95 $65.95 -31% OFF

Mini Multi-functional Military Survival Folding Shovel

$45.95 $65.95 -31% OFF
Product description

Grab this multi function folding shovel for 50% off now !

  • This incredible military folding /trenching shovel  is ultra light and comes with a carrying pouch with a loop so that you can easily attach it to your belt or backpack
  • It comes with a comfortable soft rubber grip handle for better grip but possess a thickened cutting edge to do the job required
  • The handles of the folding shovel can be folded twice so that it can be easily stored in a compact manner
  • The folding shovel can be used either as a straight shovel or at a 90 degrees angle for better power

  • Can be used to easily scoop out rocks and flatten surface for a tent, dig holes for a tent stakes or create a fire pit
  • Also comes with a compass at the bottom of the shovel to assist navigation

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