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MTB XC Trail Helmet



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Up your outdoor adventure protection and opt for the best by getting this MTB XC Trail Helmet!

  • Optimum head protection - Crafted with sophistication and the utmost care, this MTB XC Trail Helmet is guaranteed to give the wearer optimum protection because it is made specially to have superb quality.
  • Lightweight - Despite this MTB XC Trail Helmet's tough and durable materials it is still very lightweight. Specially made to be comfortably worn on the go.
  • Durable materials - You can count on this MTB XC Trail Helmet to keep you protected and safe when out and about. It features a breathable and stylish design that does not only provides protection but sufficient ventilation as well. So you are protected and comfortable all in one. This MTB XC Trail Helmet also features a classic adjustable buckle closure type nylon strap and a soft chin pad for an added level of comfort.

Product Info:

Material: EPS

  • Weight (g): 264g
  • Size: 55 - 61cm / 21.65 - 24.01"

Package Includes:

1*  MTB XC Trail Helmet