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Ski Snowboard Backpack Bag



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Get all your on-the-go ski needs conveniently packed and ready with the help of these Ski Snowboard Backpack Bag!

Main features:

  • All in one - This Ski Snowboard Backpack Bag is an all-in-one bag where you can store all your on-the-go needs. It boasts a large 50L compartment that is strategically designed to help you pack all your needs on your trip. Shoes, gloves, jacket, battery packet, this Ski Snowboard Backpack Bag can contain it all for you!
  • Classic design - With a solid rectangle design for easy stacking, this Ski Snowboard Backpack Bag also features a classic backpack style with a pair of adjustable straps that give a snug and comfy wear even when used for long periods of time.
  • High quality - This bag is crafted with a hundred percent superb quality fabric materials that are guaranteed to last for a very long time even with heavy-duty use.

Product Info:

  • Capacity: 50L
  • Material: Polyester

Package Includes:
1* Ski Snowboard Backpack Bag 

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