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Snowboarding Ski Googles



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Better be geared up and protected on your next ski trip and rock a pair of these Snowboarding Ski Googles!

Main features:

  • Protection - These goggles can protect your eyes from the elements and injury especially when doing extreme skiing, the sport poses various potential accidents that can easily be avoided with a pair of these Snowboarding Ski Googles. This mask can be used alone or with a Harley's helmet, which can prevent wind and sand when outdoor riding
  • High quality - These Snowboarding Ski Googles are made with a composition of a hundred percent high quality plastic and rubber materials for a guaranteed trusty and optimum protection for your eyes.
  • Unique design - Not only will these Snowboarding Ski Googles save you from fatal injuries, it also keeps you comfortable when skiing with its efficient enclosed design that gives a snug fit that is not suffocating and you can wear all day long. 

Product Info:

  • Lenses Material: Plastic

Package Includes:
1* Snowboarding Ski Googles












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