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Solar Fan Light & Rechargeable Emergency Camping Light



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1. Built in lithium battery, which can be charged directly by household electricity
2. The bottom of the solar photovoltaic panel, through direct sunlight can also assist the power supply cycle
3. The fan and lamp can be used by lithium battery. The fan has a dry battery spare compartment. When the lithium battery is out of power, the dry battery can drive the fan to work.
4. Small version and large version of two models, large version is an upgrade of the motor to increase fan horsepower



Light source type: LED
Power supply: charging
Power supply: charging

Charging method: direct charging, solar charging
Battery support: built-in lithium battery
Function: camping light, electric fan
Outer body material: ABS material
Wick Material: CREE LED Wick

A: Hurricane Titan emergency [flagship gold 5500mAh] genuine eagle eye TNT solar fan
B: Hurricane Titan Emergency [Flagship Silver 5500mAh] Genuine Eagle Eye TNT Solar Fan
C: Energy giant model [item with gold 4500mAh] genuine TNT solar fan
D:Energy giant model [Top with silver 4500mAh] Genuine Eagle Eye TNT solar fan
E: Solar fan [Upgrade gold 2400mAh] Genuine Litengeye TNT solar fan
F: Solar Fan [Upgrade Silver 2400 mAh] Genuine TNT Solar Fan
G: Fanless Simple Model [Low Gold 800mAh] Genuine Eagle Eye TNT Solar Fan.


Package Content:

1 x Fishing Lamp