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Tactical Large Fishing Tackle Bag



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Tired of disorganized fishing gears and on-the-go essentials? Then better get the sorted with the help of this Fishing Tackle Storage Bag!

Fishing is a fun hobby that requires a lot of gears and trinkets that you might need help organizing for so better get your hands on this Fishing Tackle Storage Bag and let it keep all your fishing essentials safely for you!

Main Features:

  • Tactical - This Fishing Tackle Storage Bag is crafted with a mix of nylon and polyester fabric, creating a superb quality bag that is waterproof, ideal for on-the-go use and can withstand a few stray splashes.
  • Breathable - The back panel and the straps of this Fishing Tackle Storage Bag is crafted with padded mesh to give a comfortable fit that you can effortlessly carry.
  • Multiple pockets - Apart from the spacious main compartment with a classic zipper closure type, this bag features multiple covered and open pockets where you can organize all your fishing trinkets.

Product Info:

  • Material: Nylon 
  • Layers: Two-Layer
  • Size:24 x 15 x 38cm / 9.44 x 5.90 x 14.96"

Package Includes:
1* Tactical Large Fishing Tackle Bag 

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