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UV 5R Walkie Talkie (2pcs)



Save $60.04

Keep your outdoor adventure smooth sailing and let the communications be as efficient as your trip and grab one of our cool UV 5R Walkie Talkie (2pcs) today!

  • Basic Interface - With basic buttons that are easy to learn the function for, this UV 5R Walkie Talkie (2pcs) can be used by adults and children alike making it a must have for any adventure.
  • Noise reduction - With a noise reducing feature so you can hear your friend from the other side loud and clear even with environmental noises.
  • Power save - This UV 5R Walkie Talkie (2pcs) consumes very minimal battery so it lasts very long
  • Durable - Made with a hundred percent high quality materials that makes this UV 5R Walkie Talkie (2pcs) very durable and heavy duty.
  • Comes in pairs - This UV 5R Walkie Talkie (2pcs) is very affordable and it even comes in pairs with both equally premium quality.
  • Comes in different color variations - Ranges from fun plain to functional colors to choose from making this UV 5R Walkie Talkie (2pcs) a must have!

Product Info:

  • Dual band / dual display / dual standby
  • Durable wear resistant 
  • Shell material: environmental protection PC
  • Sensitive and durable
  • Rubber keyboard
  • LED display
  • The flashlight function

Package Includes:

  • 2* Portable BF-UV5R radio
  • 2* Antenna
  • 2* Li-ion battery pack
  • 2* LI-ion charger
  • 2* Belt clip
  • 2* The sling
  • 2* User's manual
  • 2* Microphone 


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