Flashes Lights Wireless

$64.99 $129.99 -51% OFF

Flashes Lights Wireless

$64.99 $129.99 -51% OFF
Product description

Complete your professional photography set-up and get your hands on this Lights Wireless Flashes today. Compact and lightweight and very ideal to be used for travelling photographers.

  • Foldable - This Wireless Light Flashes is made to be used on the go so it can be folded. It is perfect for photographers who have gigs on different locations, having this Wireless Light Flashes will definitely be more convenient than the traditional studio lighting that are heavy.
  • Universal thread - This Wireless Light Flashes has a universal tripod connector so it can be used on universal camera mounts.
  • Rechargeable - Since this Wireless Light Flashes is made to be used on the go, it can conveniently be charged so you can use it without the hassle of wires. You can use a classic USB charger to recharge this Wireless Light Flashes .
  • Remote control - You can easily operate and manipulate the lighting because this Wireless Light Flashes come with a remote control. 

Product Info:

  • Color :Black
  • Power: 8W
  • Tripod connector : Universal thread
  • Light color : Warm white/ cool white/mixed light
  • Dimensions : 43*43*185mm
  • Weight : 288g
  • Charging : USB charging
  • Input voltage : 5V
  • Capacity :2850mAh

Package Includes:

1* Flashes Lights Wireless 

Wireless flashes lights5Wireless flashes lights1
Wireless flashes lights9
Wireless flashes lights2
Wireless flashes lights16
Wireless flashes lights13
Wireless flashes lights4
Wireless flashes lights6
Wireless flashes lights7
Wireless flashes lights14
Wireless flashes lights8
Wireless flashes lights0
Wireless flashes lights11
Wireless flashes lights10
Wireless flashes lights12
Wireless flashes lights15

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