- Butch Farabee, superintendent of Padre Island National Seashore, Texas, and the National Park Service’s search and rescue expert.

He said in an interview, “The death certificate usually says ‘killed by a fall’ or ‘died of exposure’ or some such thing. But it should read ‘killed by stupidity.’ Most people just don’t get it.

The number one cause of injury and death is UNPREPAREDNESS. You must always ask yourself, ‘What if?’ What if it rains for three days straight? Is my tent waterproof? What if I lose my compass? What if the rescue party doesn’t find me?”

This statement from a notable person who is a veteran in safety and rescue protocols says it all. UNPREPAREDNESS is 99% the reason why people fall into accidents and disasters.

“They’ve found that less than 1 percent of backcountry accidents are due to natural causes, like falling rocks, avalanches, and animal attacks. The rest are due to ‘pilot error.’ In other words, people don’t die from unexpected snowstorms; they die from not expecting and preparing for unexpected snowstorms.”

Expecting possible misfortunes on the way is the best mindset that will put us out of harm’s way. Preparedness also means bringing complete set of gears ready for your hiking adventure.

Now, there are a lot available products to choose from, but if we are to make sure that our item works well when we need it, we need to make sure to get a product of high quality that will stand the test of time.

Survival Gears Depot products are known to be top-notch when it comes to quality.  With the high-class materials being used to craft a durable item, Survival Gears Depot will surely aid your hiking needs.

Hiking, most of the time, requires us to succumb into lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. This usually leaves our fire-producing materials damaged. The most common fire-producing material that we bring is the simple lighter and it may just save our lives one day.

Survival Gears Depot knows the importance of this minute gear. Hence, they created The Portable 4 Torch Jet Flame Gas Lighter. This famous product of Survival Gears Depot does not only resist water, it will also last long because of its Top Sturdy Metal Body designed to last long in rugged outdoor environment. This lighter with a super powerful flame is also windproof. Even the air won’t be able to kill it!

Getting lost is also one of the most probable incidents that can happen during hiking, though no one wants it, it is really possible.

According to an article in Gore-tex entitled What To Do If You Get Lost Hiking, one of the most important things to make sure before you hike is bring a compass. “Many people want to default to a GPS unit or even their phones, but don’t forget: technology is fallible. A GPS can break and your phone battery can die. Always bring a compass and be sure that you understand how to use it.”

Survival Gears Depot offers one of their best-selling equipment for hiking, The Digital GPS Altimeter Barometer/ Compass. The super-accuracy sensor was adopted from Swissly which incorporates GPS, altimeter, barometer, compass functions, etc. Not only does it lead you to the right direction, it also has thermometer, hygrometer, time, date and an alarm clock feature. This is pure investment.

Survival Gears Depot offers numerous selections of different hiking gears that you need. Safety is just a click away.

Let us not get caught in the moment when we regret the time that we did not prepare for what may come.

Regrets come only at the time we least expect it.



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