“I was riding through one of my favorite canyon runs at night and I bent my derailleur when it hit a huge rock. It was internally damaged and I couldn't shift anymore or pedal reliably. It was okay; I had my flashlight on me so the darkness wasn't a problem. I was about 4 miles away from home so I turned around and started to walk back... until the light dimmed.

My light started bright white but it was slowly turning blue, which basically means for me to GET MY ASS OUT OF THE CANYON BEFORE IT CUTS OUT. My walk turned into a run but the light didn't make it.

All of those stories of mountain lions attacking hikers and packs of coyotes attacking came rushing into my head. I was scared! There wasn't much I could do so I just held on to my canister of mace/pepper spray (I keep that strapped to my seat post on solo runs) and marched on by starlight.

That was one of my scary stories in the dark.”

- Arkayne (candlepowerforums.com)

Seeing through the darkness is one of the hardest things for a person- and I am sure you can relate to that. Whether we are inside the comfort of our own house, or out in the wild, darkness can just leave us stranded.

The man in the story had the same incident when he was out riding through the canyons. It became dark while he was on his way and his flashlight was his only salvation. Unfortunately, his lights went out before he could get somewhere safe and he went back to being led by the starlight- which of course is very hard for this situation.

Being prepared in these kinds of circumstances won’t hurt. As a matter of fact, it might just save our lives.

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Readiness is always the key.



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